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Merry Christmas

This has been an eventful year at our house and I’m so proud to say that I have two very funny kiddos that seem to just roll with anything. Improvise, adapt and overcome and when all else fails ….just giggle.

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A workshop for you.

My favorite sessions of my children always seem to be candid moments where things are not perfect. Once a month I try to put them into clothes I adore and take 5 minutes to capture only what they give me. No pushing, no bribing and especially no expectations. It is amazing how much more I […]

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My son

So  I am NOT a writer, I love to take pictures and that is how I express how I feel, images.  There are  a bunch of images on this site of my baby girl but my son is often behind the scenes. He enjoys holding the reflector and making babies laugh while mom takes pictures. […]

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