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Merry Christmas

Artist: Thorn and Sparrow.View full post »

Happy Halloween

Twelve years ago I spent Halloween meeting this incredible person. He is so kind, thoughtful and funny. I’m luckyView full post »

Merry Christmas

This has been an eventful year at our house and I’m so proud to say that I have two very funny kiddos that seemView full post »

A workshop for you.

My favorite sessions of my children always seem to be candid moments where things are not perfect. Once a month I tryView full post »

My son

So  I am NOT a writer, I love to take pictures and that is how I express how I feel, images.  There are  a bunch ofView full post »


Well this post is definitely NOT what you stop by my website to see but I had so much fun I had to share. Our friendsView full post »

My baby turned four…

Last week on Valentines day my youngest turned four, so bittersweet. I do my best to love each stage for what it is butView full post »