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Wedding details

You’re excited

You’re also beginning to get overwhelmed by all the details you never know were part of planing a wedding.

You’re frustrated by seeing the same damn images over and over and can’t remember which photographer offered what. It would be amazing if you had a photo ninja that could guide you through this, asking tons of questions about what you want. It should be simple so that you have more time to go on dates with that amazing person you’re marrying and less time on endless wedding websites.

That’s what I do, I make it simple and I help with the details. I will take care of you.


” Jaimie was an absolute dream to work with. From the beginning she was so helpful, even putting together a timeline for me. I did not have a coordinator so her experience and advice was an absolute godsend. During the day she made me feel so calm and at ease. She was able to capture so much of the wedding without even being seen. I haven’t even seen most of my pictures yet but would recommend her hands down! ” – Stephanie

I offer a collection that gives you two photographers on your wedding day from before the dress goes on to when your crazy uncle shows off his best Footloose dance moves. You will also have a usb full of images that tell your love story and an album that you can sit on the porch with when you are old and wrinkly reminiscing about ” day one “. There are fun options to add to your collection like an engagement session in a location that you love, an album from your boudoir session to give on wedding night or parent albums to say thank you for all your help {aren’t you glad somebody else has to deal with me now?}.

Since you are still here we should probably get together and talk details. If you live here then I’d love to buy you an ice cream {with sprinkles} and throw out some awkward high fives because weddings can be AWESOME! If you’re not local we can set up a call and talk about all the great reasons you should consider being local {Montana rocks}.

I want to hear your ideas and what you are excited about for your wedding day.